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Uneek Glass Fusions is a family business creating custom, unique glass accent tile and decorative glass cabinet hardware.  Specializing in exquisitely stunning dichroic glass knobs and pulls and decorative glass tile. Work directly with the artist - Joan Rosen.

Our art glass cabinet hardware and custom tile is created in our San Francisco Bay Area, California glass studio. We use the highest quality of fusing glass created by the leading glass manufacturers. Only compatible glass is used, giving you a work of art that is above standards in strength and durablity, not to mention amazing beauty.

Uneek Glass Fusions cabinet glass hardware knobs and pulls and art glass tile is custom handcrafted just for you. Choose from a variety of cabinet hardware finishes for your glass knobs and pulls. Please contact me for custom cabinet hardware.

Just some uses for our accent tile:

  • kitchen backsplash tile
  • bathroom tile
  • floor tile
  • wall tile
  • swimming pool tile
  • fireplace surround
  • and more.....

Handmade art glass accent tile may be inset into ceramic tile, porcelain tile, granite tile, and field tiles.

Uneek Glass Fusions art glass creations are individually handmade and made to order.

Use the secure online ordering system or feel free to call me with your order. I will work closely with you to create the breathtaking design you desire.

"Jewelry for your Home"

Uneek Glass Fusions Glass Sea Coral Designs at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA for Mikimoto jewelry.

Additional Sea Coral creations for Mikimoto 2014 spring window display in Costa Mesa, CA.

Minimoto 2014 window display with Uneek Glass Fusions Coral designsGlass Sea Coral designs by Uneek Glass Fusions in Mikimoto jewelry display window

Remodeling and Home Design

Remodeling and Home Design
FreeHab Project for at Risk Youth
Posted by Joan Rosen on 8/6/2015
Uneek Glass Fusions donates red glass knobs and pulls to FreeHab project California at risk youth.
Beach House Cabinet Hardware created by Uneek Glass Fusions
Posted by Joan Rosen on 8/6/2015
California beach cottage designed by Charmean Neithart Interiors.  Glass cabinet hardware in the dining room handcrafted by Uneek Glass Fusions.
A Kaleidoscope of Glass
Posted by Suzi on 7/29/2014
We can talk all day and night about glass tile and the various uses and dynamic versatility of glass tile that can be used in virtually any room of the house. But you could be interested to know that glass tile comes in several types and styles, and they all have features that make them better for some uses than others. So depending on what you want to do with your glass tile (e.g., use it for flooring, a backsplash, countertop, etc.) may very well determine the type of glass tile that you use. Of course, we arre always here to help you figure that out!
Glass Always Lasts
Posted by Suzi on 7/25/2014
The beauty of glass is that is lasts. It has been shown that glass can endure the tests of time as it has been found in the ruins of ancient civilizations. Glass is probably one of the most flexible materials to work with as it can be used for either heavy work areas or delicate pieces of art. When you are installing custom work in your home or in your office you should be sure to keep glass in mind when you are choosing materials.
Glass Lights
Posted by Uneek Glass Fusions on 7/3/2014
Lamps are some of the nicest ways to light a home. These lights are easily used to make any space as vibrant or as subtle as you need that space to be; and it's done mostly through the kind of shade they use.
Tips and Tricks for Grouting Glass Tile
Posted by Joan on 6/27/2014
The beauty and versatility of glass tile is hard to be matched. Maybe we're a little biased, so sue us. Anyway, we always encourage customers who are shopping for a quality backsplash material, or for a shower or countertop, to really look hard at glass tile.
Most Famous Stained Glass Windows
Posted by Joan on 6/11/2014
As we are here day after day working with glass of various shapes, thicknesses and especially colors, we are artists and we have great admiration and respect for other artists and their work.
Replacing With Knobs or Pulls?
Posted by Joan on 5/14/2014
Are you replacing the current knobs and/or handle pulls on your current kitchen cabinets? If you are replacing the current knobs and pulls, there are some initial decisions to be made before starting to select one or the other.
Using Art Glass to update and accent your bath
Posted by Joan on 5/10/2014
Ah, your bathroom! The luxurious home away from home, that’s miraculously IN your own home already! What a pleasure it is to close all the cares of the day outside it while you sink into a hot tub and pamper yourself.
Finding Unique Home Decor Accents
Posted by Joan on 5/8/2014
Whether you're moving into your first place, just a small apartment, or your dream house, you want your home to reflect your personality.
Pros and Cons of Glass Tile
Posted by Joan on 5/3/2014
While of course we love your business in buying glass tile for your home or business, I would be remiss if I just touted all the wonderful designs we have here and all of the great uses for glass tile, if I didn't at least give you both sides of the story.
Revamping Your Cabinets with Glass
Posted by Joan on 4/28/2014
You might not be able to afford to completely replace the cabinetry in your bedroom or kitchen, but the right door knobs and accessories can be just as good or better.
Mosaic Methods
Posted by Joan on 4/16/2014
There are three methods for creating a mosaic. They are the direct method, the indirect method and the double indirect method.
Making Dichroic Glass
Posted by Joan on 4/5/2014
The highly unique composition of Dichroic glass does not include paints, dyes, gels or any standard coloring agents to create color.  The incredible colors you see in dichroic glass come from the manipulation of light.  Complex light interactions, called “thin film physics”, produce the multicolored effect you perceive when you look at the glass.  If you would like a clear example of thin film physics in action, think of the rainbow patterns that occur in a soap bubble, or the swirling of colors in an oil slick floating on a puddle.  Another example is to be found on dragonfly wings.
Dichroic Glass – The Chameleon of the Glass World
Posted by Joan on 3/27/2014
The word "dichroic", pronounced Dye-Cro-Ick, is derived from two Greek roots, "di" for two and "chroma" for color. So "dichroic" literally means "two-colored."  In glass circles you often hear the term “dichro” being used for short, with some folks calling it “chameleon glass.”  There are numerous incorrect pronunciations, as well.  Another misconception is that dichroic glass is the same thing as fused glass, which would be incorrect.  Although fused glass or warm glass may incorporate elements of dichroic glass, it is not a requirement.  Dichroic glass is often used as an element in glass blowing, bead making and glass fusing.
Benefits of a Glass Backsplash
Posted by Joan on 3/19/2014
Installing a backsplash is a great way to protect the walls in your kitchen. Instead of scrubbing grease and splashed sauce and food off your drywall, you wipe it clean from tile, glass, tin or another durable materials. You don't have to worry about damaging the paint or dulling the finish.
Updating Your Kitchen
Posted by Joan on 3/17/2014
If remodeling your kitchen is out of your budget, you may consider a smaller scale project. Updating your kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen a fresh look. Here are a few ideas that can spruce up our kitchen without emptying your bank account.
Glass TIle Throughout the Centuries
Posted by Joan on 3/8/2014
Glass tile has beautified buildings since ancient times, and as its appeal increases, so does the range of ways it can be incorporated into the design of homes.  With the first recorded use of glass in mosaics being as early as 2500 BC, tiles made of glass were not introduced until the third century BC, when Byzantine artists created opaque glass tiles called smalti and used them to decorate walls, ceilings, facades and vaults of churches and public buildings.
Glass Art
Posted by Joan on 3/7/2014
Fused glass is one of the numerous forms of glass art, whereby artistic objects are created by melting glass in a kiln.  There are hundreds of techniques operating on this principle.
Fused glass is also called kilnformed, warm or kiln-glass, and is a highly rewarding art form.  Unlike stained glass, fused glass does not have lead lines and dimensional pieces can be created without having to cut and assemble hundreds of smaller pieces.
Transform Your Kitchen With Custom Cabinets And Glass Hardware
Posted by Joan on 2/24/2014
Custom kitchen cabinets are preferred by many homeowners. In most cases, the kitchen is the room in a home that is used the most. However, cabinets are usually the first features that someone recognizes when walking into a kitchen.
Transforming A Business With Custom Glass Decor
Posted by Joan on 2/22/2014
Most modern businesses are equipped with standard décor. Unfortunately, in a world that is constantly filling up with new businesses, standard décor is simply not enough. A typical business needs a way to stand out from the crowd, which is especially true for small businesses.
The Inspiring Power Of Custom Glass Lighting
Posted by Joan on 2/21/2014
Custom glass lighting has become very popular both business and homes. Although custom glass can cost quite a bit more than traditional lighting designs, the payoff is easily worth the additional cost. A glass design studio can create an unlimited number of designs. The possibilities are endless. Home and business owners can benefit greatly from the unlimited possibilities.
Why Homeowners Choose Custom Glass Accent Tile
Posted by Joan on 2/19/2014
Custom glass accent tile is a design option that has become very popular. Adding customized glass accents to a tile design can create a beautiful, stunning appearance.
5 Popular Glass Cabinet Hardware Upgrades
Posted by Joan on 2/18/2014
If you're considering renovating your cabinets you might be looking to your cabinets for some inspiration. Glass cabinet hardware upgrades are popular and beautiful choices for improving the look and feel of your kitchen. But what kind of glass cabinet hardware upgrades look the best, and what options do you have beyond simply installing glass doors? Below are a few popular options for custom glass cabinet hardware upgrades.

 Beach House Cabinet Hardware created by Uneek Glass Fusions
 FreeHab Project for at Risk Youth
 A Kaleidoscope of Glass
 Glass Always Lasts
 Glass Lights
 Tips and Tricks for Grouting Glass Tile
 Most Famous Stained Glass Windows
 Replacing With Knobs or Pulls?
 Using Art Glass to update and accent your bath
 Finding Unique Home Decor Accents

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